Gallium nitride (GaN) amplifier for X-band radar applications is introduced by Comtech PST.

Comtech PST Corp. in Melville, N.Y., is introducing the model BPMC928109-1000 gallium nitride (GaN) amplifier for X-band radar applications in military tracking, air traffic control, maritime vessel traffic control and police vehicle speed detection.

The AB linear design operates over the 9.2-to-10.0 GHz frequency range, and features options for control of phase and amplitude to allow for integration into high-power systems using conventional binary or phased array combining approaches for power levels to 10 kilowatts.

Consistent with its planned technology development roadmap, Comtech PST is leading the field with the latest in GaN-based RF device performance and advanced amplifier development.

Features for this X-band radar amplifier include high output power dynamic range, high efficiency, RF input and output sample detectors, pulse width and duty factor protection, thermal and load voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) protection, optional digital interface for control and status monitoring, optional phase and amplitude control, applicability as a building block for phased array systems.